Monday, 29 November 2010

Home in time for tea


[[ shoes from Urban Outfitters, dress from Topshop, jewellery from Portobello and Les Jumelles ]]

This time we were near Lincoln's Inn and Chancery Lane, which is all rather quaint.. and a bit strange too. I love hidden London, the bits behind the main shopping streets, where it is quite, quite empty, but there is so much history. In fact, I am reading a book (Underground London: Travels Beneath the City Streets) which is very interesting. I am fascinated with disused underground stations and the like. There are all sorts of hidden secrets, shut off tunnels, old stations and bunkers where people slept during the Blitz.



Oxford Street was quite fun, there were fair ground rides, singing, dancing and we did not too badly on the Christmas shopping front. But I still have the hardest people to finish shopping for- my mother and my boyfriend. I usually find lots for my boyfriend, but we're more lacking in pennies this year. My mother is terribly difficult- she likes some jewellery, but nothing too tacky, too heavy, too colourful, but yet still slightly different or interesting, and clothing-wise it's impossible (also she has expensive taste)! So far I have some earrings from Hampstead Bazaar and a teeny tiny distressed chest of drawers, and some little bits and bobs for her stocking (yes we do stockings still).


And then home for some sweets and some tea (of course)

(I'm growing out my fringe)

Starting to feel a little Christmassy! I now own an advent calendar :)


  1. Ohhh I love your teacup, and yummmm turkish delights!!!
    I know what you mean about how hard it is shopping for certain people, especially when you have limited boyfriend and I tend to go halfway if we want to get an expensive present for someone we're both getting presents for, maybe you could try that?

  2. Great pictures - love the new heading shot! x

  3. Very jealous of your dress and boots, they look lovely! I might have to read that book, all the disused tube stations fascinate me :) Looks like you got some good shopping done too, my Mum is so hard to buy for too

    R x

  4. Gorgeous photos. I always wanted to live in England - these pics make me slightly jealous, I have to admit:) I love that Topshop dress!

  5. thank-you for the comment on my post..
    hehe i know it's such a good idea! so's mine :(
    thank-you :)

  6. Sounds like a lovely day my dear. I have always wanted to travel to London! I also adore your shoes and dress!

    xx and hugs


  7. I love Christmas!
    This year I think I will make all the gifts hehe!
    Lovely photos!
    Oh and the candy canes... I wish I could buy some here.

  8. Ooh that book sounds fascinating! I've just read London The Biography which was very interesting but didn't have quite the amount of "hidden" stuff that I was hoping for, so I'll have to track that down.

    We still do stockings too - Christmas morning wouldn't be the same without them!

  9. fab photos, i need to explore more! doesn't oxford st make you feel so christmassy :D x

  10. I haven't had an advent calender for years!! We're kinda boring when it comes to christmas: we barely decorate, haven't had a tree in years, and no one wants me mom to cook food so unless I'm cooking there's usually no big meal! We still do presents and stockings of course!

    Your posts about adventures make me wanna move somewhere fun instead of here. I also don't live to far in the's just that in Canada if you don't live in a city or town, they wont bring you your mail. People are so far apart the logistics would be a nightmare!! haha


    longest comment ever!

  11. i really like your jewellery.
    and that's a really cool thing to be fascinated by, lost london, i was talking about it the other day when i was in the tube. it was packed and i said to my boyf, i wonder if london thinks of a new way of transport, how coming down to the tube with noone there and no hectic atmosphere, how strange but fascinating it'd be!
    i might start to go to these places 'cause i find places like that cool too

    love emma xx

  12. wow i am in looooovvvve with those necklaces. and such cool booties!

    thank you for your lovely comments



  13. really like your UO shoes :) reminds me, i really need some flat lace up black boots too! <3

  14. So many lovely things - I don't really know where to start. All I can say is now I'm right in the Christmas spirit :)

  15. Everyone should explore London thoroughly, you never know what you could stumble upon. And I recommend the book to all (I found my copy in a charity shop).

  16. great, inspiring pictures.
    i love the details of your boots, and i see a lot of beautiful things in this post. thanks for sharing!

  17. love the shoes and the dress, and the owl! very cool photos :) yes winter wonderland was absolutely unbelievably freezing i had to buy some gloves from a stall and double them over the ones i was already wearing haha xx

  18. Lovely boots and dress miss! I'm fascinated by disused underground stations too - whenever I'm on the central line I always look out for the British Museum station! I bet there's loads more?

    I'm desperate to go to the Imperial War Museum to see all of Winston Churchill's underground war rooms too, so many things to see :)

    Sally x

  19. Is that a seashell pendant? Pretty. I love seashell jewelry. What a cool find. x


thank you, I love reading your pretty words <3