Thursday, 11 November 2010

A little family photo, taken rather quickly, making Bwackums look quite startled and D is pouting (and wouldn't approve of my putting this photo here :)) It's so hard to get him to sit still for a photo and I don't think he liked the flash poor dear.

I do love floaty lace pieces.

New rings purchased last weekend. I never wear baby pink nail varnish but this one came free with a magazine, I'm impressed with its staying power.

And a little horsey, currently galloping away on my coat (really, I spent far too much what with the shoes too, naughty me).

I am going for dinner tonight with my mother. I must say, I get on far better with her when we don't live together. I do so enjoy meeting up for meals, or coffee or going round to the house. Anyway we are going to a little French Bistro in fact owned by an old school friend's father, and I hope it will be delicious. I love taking photos of food but I'm not sure I'll get away with it here (the sister restaurant has a Michelin star!)


  1. Oh you three make up the cutest family! Really love all of your purchases this week darling especially the little pegases!
    Hope your dinner with your mother is lovely :)

  2. Lovely! That cameo ring is very pretty. Reminds me, I must dig out my cameo brooch.

  3. Mooie ringen! wow!

    dank je voor je berichtje op mn blog! Ik wilde je gister al volgen maar ik kan niet zien waar!

    laat me even weten en dan volg ik jou ook natuurlijk!!



thank you, I love reading your pretty words <3