Sunday, 7 November 2010

scenic London

Now I think I may have mentioned before that London can be constricting. I suppose it depends on my mood. What with my compulsion to shop, I often get drawn into the west end, with the endless hordes of tourists and so on. But there are simpler pleasures to enjoy. In fact I've made a pact with D that we'll visit at least one park or green space per weekend. And we've managed two in this weekend (so we can have one off maybe if it rains?). Yesterday was a pleasant stroll through Regent's Park, from Camden to Great Portland Street (handy for a little look round Topshop after !).


I also realise I've not really posted any outfit pictures. This is what I wore yesterday, a mixture of Etsy, Topshop and New Look.. with a badge from a birthday card :)

Today we walked along the Parkland Walk, a path which follows the course of an old railway, that used to run between Finsbury Park and Alexandra Palace. Now I have a singular like of all things connected to disused train stations. I'm not sure why. There are plenty of underground stations that no longer exist, and you can even go on tours. Some can be glimpsed from a tube, some are well hidden. But I've always found it oddly fascinating. Like a time capsule. Imagine if there were old posters and such still on a platform! (there probably isn't but I have a romantic idea of a disused platform in my mind..). The part of the walk we did had wonderful views over East London.



Then we arrived at Alexandra Palace. Lovely colours, leaves, old trees, a pond, ducks, and a cup of tea. (sadly no deer, they must have been keeping warm and toasty inside)







  1. Oh wow I hope you do outfit photos more often now because I really love what you're wearing!

  2. Great photos. Sounds (and looks) like the perfect way to spend a weekend. Loving your outfit too.

  3. "Please do not feed the deer" :p
    I love your coat. Laaaaaarve it.
    And the fact you wore a birthday card badge, yes sirree - I've never recieved a card with a badge on it... but if I did I would like to think I'd utilise it as well :) xoxo


thank you, I love reading your pretty words <3