Tuesday, 23 November 2010

shoe rambling


Cheeky pre-dinner snack.. with a few new friends of mine, galloping on the plate (+ angel with trumpet). One of my favourite things about Christmas is the decorations, they're up for so much longer than Christmas day, and just make you all festive and warm inside.. Only another week or so until I feel we can make a start! when I was little I used to love counting how many Christmas trees I could see in a road as we drove along..


And I am afraid I have a new pair of shoes. I ordered these from the New Look website as they were in the sale for £10 and free delivery also! But I did finally check my bank account and I am officially in my overdraft, not merely drifting towards it, so that is that, no more spending except on travel and food until pay day.. I feel I am playing catch up in a way, when people ask why I'm suddenly buying heels. When I was a young teenager, I had one pair of shoes, trainers, and I wore them every day until I got a new pair. Those were the unfashionable late ninties, early noughties. So yes, now I have rather more shoes, not just cheap Primark flats although I've got through my fair share of those, but more interesting pairs too. It took me a while to take the plunge, really just from thinking too much "I don't usually wear this sort of thing", or "what will my mum/boyfriend etc think- It's not me!" when really it is, but just different. After all, people's styles evolve all the time (thankfully, no one wants to see Nike trainers, bell bottom jeans and a baggy plaid shirt this side of the decade).

We have not much light in the flat when it's evening, so here is my new way of lighting myself. I believe one can see goose pimples on my knees.





  1. Looovely photos, fairy lights always look so whimsical :D
    And I agree, Christmas decorations are wonderful and make the home look so nice and cosy, can't wait to put them up on the 1st!

  2. so cool! I love it!!


  3. Your pictures are amazing with the lights:)!

  4. I have the same shoe thing going on, I used to have one pair of shoes for the entire year and now our whole front closet is pretty much full of my shoes. I dont quite know when I became a "shoe girl". I also love Christmas decorations, they are very nice and warming and cozy. My mom is a Christmas freak and our house looks like Christmas threw up on it, but I still love it. Tacky in a good way :)

    P.S. Love the fairy light pictures, just beautiful!

    xx and hugs


  5. Hey, your style is allowed to change! That's the fun part about growing up.

    PS-that plate of cookings looks sooo good! :)

  6. Glad I'm not the only one! But I do get shoe-guilt! :)

  7. Thanks for your lovely comments on our latest posts sweetie! Are you from Kilburn then? I love these shoes, especially worn with the grey socks!

    Sally x

  8. Oh love the festive new knees! I never wore heels till lately as well and NO ONE wants to see me in the late nineties!! haha. Those shoes are wonderful though and I love them with the socks!


  9. i saw these in the sale but they didn't have my size :( i love them with the socks!
    i always start feeling christmasy when i start to seeing fairy lights popping up everywhere :) x

  10. Thanks for the comment! Good idea about the bag :)
    Love these pictures, ha and love the clog-ness of your new shoes,

    Rosie x

  11. That is so creative! I love how you used the lights. Very gorgeous. And nice shoes! They look great with the socks.



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