Saturday, 27 November 2010

To the bar...

The boyfriend was called to the bar on Thursday, which means he can now officially call himself a Barrister! (But a non-practising one until he gets Pupillage, which is incredibly hard- 3/1000 applicants are successful at each chamber roughly). Anyway, Middle Temple is the last Inn of Court to make students wear the full regalia to be called:




I love the Great Hall. I've been with D for a few formal dinners before, and the wine and port flow freely (a little too freely on one occasion which resulted in D losing consciousness outside a Barrister's chambers and a trip to A&E), and the food is yum! Apparently Shakespeare's Twelth Night premiered here =)

On other news, loved Harry Potter, and shed a tear or two at the end. I saw the full length trailer for The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, so excited about that also! Narnia, Aslan, Reepicheep, I'm happy. (I notice all are on trend with the peg leg trousers)

Yesterday we went to see D's brother's art exhibition, near Brick Lane. I have to say, I'm not too keen on some modern art..a few bits of bricks, a video of a man and an ironing board, hmm.. give me Van Gogh or Gauguin any day. We went for a curry in Brick Lane after [=



Pretty decorations in Spitalfields.
I'm hoping to get some Christmas Shopping done today. Oxford Street is pedestrianised which is fun, but probably means more people :S


  1. Goodness, congratulations to your boyfriend for making it so far, that really is amazing for both of you! And kittums looks adorable in the wig hehehe :P

    I cannot agree more with you on modern art, I love nothing more than a beautiful impressionist piece!
    I must say though, I am very jealous of you going to dinner in Brick Lane, I honestly haven't had better Indian food since my last time there...though I have to admit that I find Brick Lane a little scary at night :S

    Have fun shopping on Oxford St :D

  2. I just saw Harry Potter last night and it was wonderful (and a little sad as well). I'm with you on modern art - I much prefer a Monet or VanGogh:) Lovely photos - love the cat:) xx Marisa

  3. cat in a wig! too cute!

    Ive seen Harry Potter twice now, once in English and once in Spanish, and i think its maybe the best so far! apart from maybe the prisoner of Azkaban! i loved it!

    besos x

  4. wow congrats to your boyfriend, my flatmates studying law at the moment and i don't envy her one bit - it seems like a hell of a lot of work!
    and unfortunately i think oxford st is going to be packed pretty much all the way up till christmas :( x

  5. Hah, my boyfriend basically had no life in his third year! But it is seriously tough..

  6. Aww Congrats to your bf. =) And I cannot wait for Narnia either, I just adore how cute Lucy looks with boywear.


  7. Congrats to your bf, how cut is the cat!!!

    looks lovely and festive where you are


  8. Oh wow, congratulations to him! What a clever chap he must be.

    I had a mini sob at the end of HP but that was clearly always going to happen - I was in bits when I read that part of the book! So looking forward to Voyage of the Dawn Treader.


thank you, I love reading your pretty words <3