Tuesday, 9 November 2010

travel + writing

After so many thoughts of boredom, being in a rut and feeling rather lonely due to various good friends moving to Spain and Mexico (how far away can they get?), I finally decided to do something about it. I've long thought about enrolling in some sort of course; I contemplated life drawing, yoga, pilates but finally settled on travel writing. The only plus point of my current job is writing articles (some of which have been published but not under my name!), and I've written some also for a friend's website. I adore travelling also so it sounded quite perfect. I happened across a course at the London School of Journalism that started yesterday! I thought it may be a sign, so enrolled..
The first class was a good introduction. My only disappoint is no ice breaker- maybe I'm too used to this from school and university, but having everyone say a few words about themselves and why they were taking this course also relaxes the atmosphere a bit. After all, we had to write our reasons in the application form so I thought it would've been nice. Anyway, plenty of food for thought. For next week we must think of three ideas for articles and write a couple of lines which summarise it. To be picked apart by the rest of the class!

But wouldn't it be wonderful to travel, and write?

London has been very rainy, I wish it was romantic like this, but alas, it was more about waiting and waiting for a bus, tightly squeezed in one, and being late for work.

These are my new shoes. I probably shouldn't have worn them on the day I had to trek across London to the class. I have this childish compulsion to wear new clothes/shoes straight away though...

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  1. Wow, that sounds like a fun class! :) Good luck! And I love your boots - why wait to wear them? :p Especially since everyone is becoming such good remixers nowadays - you can make it a completely different look everytime you wear them!

  2. Hehe yeah. I get him back for 5 days and then it starts again... ah well :) My friend made me read the books yes... I loved the first, and second, and didn't mind the 3rd. I've restarted the 4th several times now. Or the 5th. I've already lost track. It's taken me 4 years to get this far (LOL) I'm just sick of Richard always saving the day but another problem arises. *sigh* I love the name Kahlan now though... hoping I will have kids before any of my friends snag it. Mwuhahaha! How many books do I have to go? Crazy amount huh? ps. Whats your email? Sorry for commenting here again but I couldn't find a link to send you one xxx

  3. I love your boots. Thanks for your real sweet blog comment by the way. My discount is for New Look (: Travel Journalism is something I've always been interested in so I'm quite jealous of your little course. I hope it goes well.


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