Wednesday, 1 December 2010



I haven't actually worn these tights out since buying them about a year ago. I feel they slightly worried the people of Muswell Hill (disapproving glances), but hey. Patterned tights are something I admire and love to buy, but I find it hard to style them. To me it means you need to wear something very neutral with them, and I don't have any plain black dresses or shifts. I think they look fine on others but have trouble with them on myself! I don't mind it here as it looks like I've just got a fur coat on (Primark jumper and American Apparel skirt underneath really ). Shoes are vintage, and hugely comfy, but I discovered, no grip! Luckily this was before it snowed.. (Excuse my odd shaped leg, due to breaking it 5 years ago I have mammoth scars)


This was another little trek along the Parklands Walk, the disused railway line. D dragged me to the Alexandra Palace farmers market, and had some fun along the way.


My reward :D



  1. I love those tights!!!


  2. i didn't win the dress unfortunately :[
    i'm in love with your looks!
    where did you get the fur coat,
    the second picture is so beautiful-
    amazing lighting and rings!

  3. Wow I actually think they look really good, very different and unsual but that's what makes them special! How you've styled them with a fur coat is excellent, it has elements of vintage and modern mixed together but it works very well :D Btw is that a turban you're wearing on your head? I'd love to see a close up of it, I've been eyeing similar ones for a while now but haven't seen any real person wear one :S

  4. Those tights are AWESOME! Brilliant outfit m'dear, I really love decorative tights.

  5. i love the tights! i totally know what you mean though about Muswell Hill not being ready for them. I dont think Spain is ready for most of my outfits - old ladies are always staring at me when i walk down the street! xx

  6. Those tights are pretty awesome, I'm sure I'd get some weird looks in my little town in them as well! hehe.

    One thing I miss about the UK is that everythings so close! I remember I woke up in Edinburgh one morning and thought "let's go to Wales!" ... 4 hours later I'm there!! Go 4 hours here in any direction and I'm not even outta the province!! I wish we had trains too! Ahh so much I miss about over there!


  7. I love the tights they are so different.

  8. The coat is from Ebay, a bit of a steal, a few years back before they really became all the rage (originally from C&A which is slightly less cool). :p

  9. I love the tights, but know what you mean about how to style them. They look great with your fur, have you tried with denim shorts and a shirt maybe?


  10. Ooh those tights are amazing! Laura at A Daisy Chain Dream is the queen of styling up funky tights - she's proof that you can wear them with colours and patterns too so if you're feeling a bit limited by the lack of neutral stuff you have, she might be a source of inspiration :)

  11. you pull them off perfectly!

  12. I love those tights, so unusual, and all the photos are gorgeous! Also, your banner photo is probably the cutest thing ever. Love it :)

    <3 Alison

  13. really love your outfit and those pictures :) love your blog, now following :)

  14. I love patterned tights as well, and I am lucky because I have quite simple taste/style. I usually wear one piece that stands out and the rest is neutral, I love using patterned tights as that one piece. I have far too many tights though, they are like dresses, I simply cannot get enough! I love those shoes too my dear, I have been looking for a pair similar to that for awhile, you lucky girl! Lovely post!

    xx and hugs


  15. amazing tights!

    thanks for your sweet comment btw!



    new outfit post on my blog too :)

  16. I LOVE those tights, they're absolutely incredible!


thank you, I love reading your pretty words <3