Friday, 24 December 2010

christmassy times

So Christmas is just around the corner, but I'm definitely not as Christmassy as I have been in previous years. This is my first that will start with D in our flat, rather than at home with the parents. It's rather strange. Tomorrow will be spent with the mother and a few others, Boxing Day with D and his family (there are tons of them). But I've definitely enjoyed my time off so far- there's noting better than waking up with D and Bwackums licking my elbow and realising that in normal circumstances I'd have been in work for an hour already. :)
Today involved a little walk to Highgate Village which feels very Christmassy indeed High tea and Oxfam books- I now own an old edition of Wind in the Willows!

(that cupcake was teeny tiny but utterly delicious)

Anyway, Merry Christmas to all :))


  1. Have a good Christmas dear ;D

  2. love the turban! hope you start feeling festive soon, merry christmas!!!

  3. have a wonderful christmas love!!

  4. How lovely. Oh my goodness that cupcake looks so cute, and delicious! Its Christmas day for me now, I'm up early and patiently waiting to leave for my grandparents house to open pressies and have morning tea.

    Have a wonderful christmas!

    xx Carina

  5. Hope you have a wonderful and very merry Christmas darling!
    I love your turban, I am still figuring out how to make mine stay on my head because I do love them so much! That picture of Bwackums is adorable and reminds me of what my Duchess does when I've been laughing and talking too loud, she comes over and puts her paw on my mouth as if to say "SHHHHH silly loud human, enough!"

  6. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas x

  7. Oh that cupcake looks positively scrumptious! (tehe, I watching Mary Poppins, hence the 'scrumptious' ;) mmm, but seriously, chocolate cupcakes = love.
    Hope you're having a wonderful christmas m'dear!

  8. Sounds like a lovely time dear. That cupcake does look quite delectable!

    xx and hugs


  9. Hope you had a wonderful christmas! One of my fav things about the UK was the doors!! They were so bright and welcoming and had wonderful details!


  10. Oh, i love your world ! such a nice atmosphere. And you are so beautiful and fashionable.


thank you, I love reading your pretty words <3