Friday, 28 January 2011

Peter and Wendy


Meet Peter and Wendy. My colleague dubbed one bird Wendy so naturally the other must be Peter. I know the print is reminiscent of Miu Miu quite a long time after the event but I still thought it was cute (it's H n M). The skirt is an odd length but I found it on the floor in Primark (as you do) and liked the pleats, though they're not as obvious as before. I think the last photo illustrates quite nicely how terrible my camera is getting. I'm not sure if I can do anything about it, it seems to be with the focus when I'm more than a metre away from the camera (I was only about 2 metres away here), but it happens with every setting I try! I want clear and focussed shots again please. Saying that I've had this camera (Canon Ixus 75) for about three years, which have included plenty of moments when it fell on the floor in clubs and things.

I nearly knocked a picture frame off the wall.


Also, bemoaning the start of the new Sky Atlantic Channel on Tuesday- I'm on Virgin Media.. I want to see new Mad Men, and Boardwalk Empire and also I most definitely want to check out A Game of Thrones. One of my favourite fantasy series, mixing a few dragons with political power play and not so clear-cut villains and heroes. Sean Bean is in it, but I'm not sure whether a book series translates to a TV mini series.. (I'm quite a geek with my reading).


  1. Oh how lovely your top is! I've been desperately on the look out for swallow print tops and dresses because I really cannot permit myself to spend so much on a piece of Miu Miu so it's wonderful that other shops are doing their own variation of Miu Miu esque prints. I mean when I think of how much one little Miu Miu thing cost I then think of how I could probably buy 100 items of clothing for that much...eek!

    That's so awesome that you're going to be able to watch Boardwalk Empire, I can't wait to hear what you think of it :D

  2. Such a lovely print! I do adore birds, they are my favourite animal, I might try to find some bird prints. I've seen some, but all in a pale/peachy colour background which doesnt suit me.

    xx Carina

  3. I love, love, love what you are wearing. :) The top is most beautiful. xxxx

  4. Hehe you camera seems to be drunk :p
    I love the print :)

  5. You look wonderful, that print is precious!
    I hope to watch Mad Men some day...

    Rosie x

  6. I love the top you have on. I have actually never watched peter pan. I have a serious falling asleep problem during movies. I've only ever seen a handful all the way though! haha Anyway, Love the shirt and hopefully the camera smartens up and focuses again!


  7. I had an ixus 75 a few years ago and it did the same thing, it just stopped focusing properly one day and nobody could tell me why. sad poorly camera.

    i like your belt, i have a similar one, holes all round are so useful for days when you eat too much dinner! i like to tie the long end into a funny knot around and back through the buckle.

  8. Stunning, and such fitting names, too. x

  9. Adorable outfit! I'm finding that I quite like longer skirts these days.

    xx and hugs


  10. hey there, gorgeous blog, ive just been looking through it and I adore your quirky style. That top is so nice too, Im keen to find some bird print fabric to make a skirt or something out of it. Ive never heard of A Game of Thrones but I'm keen to check it out, I love fantasy haha- and typical, I swear there isnt a fantasy/medieval movie out there that sean bean isnt in ha.

  11. Lovely blouse! the birdies are so cute, and I like that you named them, ha.

    xoxo mama wolf

  12. anything with a bird print is lovely in my books. ive always had a love for birds, this top is so cute
    Scrapbook de la Emma

  13. HI!
    thanks a lot for your comment! i love your shirt.. with the birds... beautiful!:)
    have a lovely weekend!
    xoxo, pink lady <3

  14. Hellooo!
    Thanks for the Berlin tips, I'll add them to my list. Unfortunately I'm not there on a Sunday, what a bummer, I love fleamarkets!
    I saw this top at H&M yesterday, it really is a Miu Miu copy isn't it? But oh-so-cute! Looks wonderfully girly with the pleated skirt :)

  15. Oh the necklace is so so cute!

  16. I am quite mad for anything with a bird print on it. Your blouse is stunning!! Oh and I forget to mention in my last comment - but I absolutely love your new header!! Such a whimsical & enchanting image. Enjoy your weekend! xx Marisa
    P.S. I can't wait to see a new Mad Men episode.

  17. It's such a cute outfit you're wearing<3 I love the pattern with birds or should i say Peter and Wendy?
    The length of the skirt makes this outfit look more vintage and i love it! i never would have thought that these kind of skirts would look good on anybody but appearently they do<3

  18. i like the length of the skirt actually and the top is adorable! x

  19. delightful top!
    oh and the necklace is so cute.

    cool header on your blog by the way.


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  21. Your print is gorgeous, and I can't believe the skirt was found on the floor of Primark! Thankyou for your sweet comment :) x

  22. loove the t-shirt and the skirt!!xxx

  23. gorgeous top! reminds me of the miu miu ss10 swallow print - love it <3

    Vintage Stop at

  24. i can't wait for a game of thrones! a song of ice and fire is quietly one of my favorite series, though I don't think it's being shown in New Zealand..

    this is a fascinating blog you've got here, I'm a new follower.

  25. Echoing what everyone is saying, that top (and print) rule! Very Miu Miu-esque indeed :)


  26. I loveeeee this blouse, how perfect! And I adore even more that their names are Peter and Wendy.. I'm about to re-read Peter Pan. Swoon!

  27. ACK! I LOVE the blouse! I want it so much, Rachelous. Seriously wish there was an H&M nearby me (or Miu Miu, for that matter, hehe)

  28. how old is the top?! i love it!! is it from a h&m in the uk? xxx

  29. oh i love the bird pattern on the top, it's beautiful :)


thank you, I love reading your pretty words <3