Sunday, 27 March 2011

Eight Things

Eight tv shows I watch

Mad Men
The Tudors
Masterchef (though haven't really got into this series..)
America's Next Top Model

I don't watch that much t.v. so I'll add a few I want to watch- Boardwalk Empire and A Game of Thrones, but I don't have Sky! :(

Eight favourite places to eat

A great Indian place called Monsoon in Tufnell Park
A restaurant in France called Le Cheval Blanc which does about a million courses for next to nothing
Brindisa Tapas
Levies in Seville
Pizza Express
Toff's (amazing fish and chips in Muswell Hill)

Eight things I'm looking forward to

My mummy coming home from France (5th of April to 25th of April)
Going to see a couple of friends in Malaga and Cordoba (29th April- 3rd of May)
Getting over this hideous cold/tonsillitis thing
Hopefully going to South America before the end of the year
Pay day (thursday)
Cooking dinner with a friend (sometime in the week)

Eight things that happened yesterday

Not being able to lie-in, boo!
But staying in bed til about 12
Eating some Ben and Jerrys :D
Drinking several cups of mint tea
Lots of coughing
snuggling with the cat
Watched Quantum of Solace
a little too much Facebook time

Eight things I love about winter

The slowly mounting excitment of Christmas on the horizon (haven't had it as much in the last few years though)
Snow, for a bit
Lots and lots of Christmas foods
Shopping for presents (not last minute!)
Cosy cardigans
Christmas tv (nostalgic films and specials)
Cosy evenings in
Ice skating

Eight things on my wishlist

To find an amazing job either for a charity or writing
Do a charity project in India or Mongolia
Live in South America for a while
Get more swishy hair
More clothes (well, follows on from getting a job that pays a bit more decently..)
Going to France for a while and chilling with my mum in the middle of countryside, with cows for company
Learn Russian
Doing the Tran-Siberian railway route

Eight things I'm passionate about

Travelling- especially keen on South America and Mongolia
Writing creatively when I can
Social history
Bwackums (I love me some cats)

Eight words or phrases I use a lot

rowr (don't ask)

Eight things I've learned from the past

Don't say no to too many things, you will regret it
But don't do utterly silly things if your gut instinct says you shouldn't (aka don't swing on vines)
Be honest as carrying on and not saying anything ain't good
Don't say no to dessert
Cherish time with those you love (cliche but y'know)
Always make time for friends
Don't get too wrapped up in your boyfriend
Smile more and be more open

Eight places I would love to visit

More of South America
New York again (I was 13 last time and only interested in collecting Beany Babies)
More Eastern Europe

Eight things I want or need

A new camera, preferably a DSLR but not too bulky
To get better at taking Lomo pictures
More clothes for summer
A decent bag
Some time off work
A gym membership!
A beautiful loft apartment somewhere
Hair that actually does what I want for a change

I've actually got tonsillitis at the moment and a cold, so I feel pretty hideous, hence no outfit post or anything interesting.. so thought I'd do Rosie's 8 things quizz. Just for fun the picture at the top is a postcard which you may see if you've ever been around Camden market- several stalls sell these types of postcards where colours have been added in (there's one of a woman putting on lipstick at Covent Garden station, several of multi coloured sheep etc.) Well here's my claim to fame, the girl with the pink straw hat is me :) And the other girl is the friend whose bowling party I went to a few weeks back.


  1. Aw hope you get well soon. I had fun reading more about you :)

    xx Carina

  2. I've always wanted to go to South America! And I also have the problem of not having Sky, becuase I really want to watch Boardwalk Empire!
    This was really interesting :)I really enjoy reading about other people's lives.
    Hope you feel better soon

  3. I love posts like these :) Hope you feel better soon x x

  4. ♥Love your blog♥

  5. hope you feel better soon love!
    i love mad men and ANTM.
    (they always play reruns of ANTM EVERY weekend and i ALWAYS watch it no matter how many times i have seen the season..haha.)
    have a wonderful upcoming week.

  6. Gosh I love all the TV shoes, fab post! Hope you visit back :), I've got a giveaway going on at the moment if you're interested!

  7. MM, Masterchef and ANTM - 3 of my favourite programmes! This season of antm (se16) is rubbish though...

    Mongolia and India are both wonderful, I want to go back! I want to go to S. America and a hundred other places too though... So difficult. x

  8. Loved reading this sweetie!
    It's funny that you mention learning Russian, such a random language! Btw if you're interested, I'm going to be in London June/July 2012 and then I'm going to Moscow. If you want, we could have a blogger meet up while I'm in London, and if you're interested in Russia, we could even do a meet up in Moscow and my boyfriend and I would be happy to show you around because we'll be doing a tonn of Touristy things while we're there :D

  9. I hope you are feeling better.
    All my love.


  10. Hope you're feeling better soon! Sending well wishes and good vibes your way :)

  11. thank-you for the comment my lovely,
    i love this post people don't do enough of them! (i think this comment is going to be very long, i'm scrolling down the post as i'm writing it haha so sorry!) firstly i love americans next top model, but i don't have sky and i can barely watch it, i always make my friends let me watch it when i'm at theirs. i hope you get better, i hate tonsillitis i've had it once and i was really scared they were going to have to take my tonsils out. you can never snuggle with cats too much they are adorable, god i could go onnn and onnn about cats but i'll stop here. and i can definitely agree with the facebook thing i'm on it way too much just staring at the news feeds waiting for something good to pop up. okay, maybe i won't comment on everything i agree with because this is going to be really long! anyway thank-you for the comment! xxx

  12. This is an interesting post and the picture is very sweet. I also hope you get well soon.

  13. Get well soon lovely - Im also with you on alot of things on your wishlist. Id love to go abroad with a charity! x

  14. So glad you did it :) loved reading it,

    Rosie x

  15. Loved reading this =) I hope you feel better soon! I used to get really bad tonsillitis all the time (like I had it solidly for over a year =( ) but I've had them out now, but I still know how awful it feels when you have it, poor you!
    And that postcard is so sweet! Awesome claim to fame!! I will look out for it at those sort of places haha =D

  16. I notice Canada is not on your list of places to visit.... I see how this is!! ;) hehe Hope you get well soon!


  17. thank-you for the comment my lovely,
    hehe yup i'm 100% better now thank-you

  18. I totally agree: never say no to dessert! I do hope you get to feeling better soon lovely.

    xx and hugs



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