Tuesday, 15 March 2011


Shirt: Primark, necklace: Asos

Excuse my hideously pale skin.. I went swimming after work today with my colleague which is probably my first proper physical exercise in far too long. Most of the time was spent chatting and in the steam room, but the thought was there.

I've spent about an hour untangling all my necklaces (I always want to say 'neckli')- I can honestly never understand how they go from sitting on their own in a box to being in a huge, big mess. I'm not a very patient person at the best of times so this was pretty trying. Not helped by the cat trying to chew the chains as they were freed, and scratching me in the process.



  1. I like your shirt :)
    I never understand why necklaces always seem to tie themselves in knots! xx

  2. oohh..i love the pattern on your shirt!
    i think you look lovely..i have pale skin as well.. :P

  3. I love your blouse! I actually have a similarish one that I bought recently and can't wait to pop it on once it gets colder :D Haha I have the same problem with my necklaces because I have sooo many but I found a cool and pretty solution to it. I got a large cork board, stuck cute pictures all over it with those knobby cork board type pins and then used the pins as hooks for all of my necklaces! I might post a picture of it some time, trust me it makes getting ready to go out so much easier when you don't have to waste time untanging a million bits and pieces :D

  4. I love the pattern on your blouse! Aren't necklaces so annoying like that! I cant understand it either! Haha

    xx Carina

  5. Did you draw that deer?! I really like it! I'm as white as they come too! I went to Hawaii and even after roasting myself I was still my usual white. I didn't even burn and turn red!!

    By the way I love that blouse too!


  6. gosh you have lovely style, dear! you always look so stunning. vintage and sweet, i love it. x

  7. neckli... love it! And I love the floral print so much,

    Rosie x

  8. I know exactly what you mean by tangled necklaces/(neckli ;))! Ah it's so annoying!

  9. Beautiful blouse!

  10. I always want to call them necklaceses in a Gollum sort of way. I got a gorgeous wooden jewellery stand for my birthday that I hang the finer chain ones on and the beaded ones get coiled up in a bead tray box thing. Works quite well!

  11. Aw I'm glad to hear you're on slightly better terms with your colleague. Ah, I hate untangling necklaces! I'm planning on getting a wall hook to hang them on.
    Hehehe, I can go through a whole tub too. I just don't like to admit it. I hope you're not talking about the small tubs, because I always eat all of them tubs and desire another. ;)

  12. Ooh, love the stag. Makes me want to draw. If only I was any good...

  13. oh i love the shirt, it would look so nice under a dress. I have the same problem all the time with my necklaces but now I have a thing they hang on so its not so bad!

  14. I love your shirt it looks so pretty on. Ha ha you should post them all to me and I'll untangle them for you I could sit for hours and do it I find it relaxing! :) X x

  15. My necklaces are a big tangled mess in a draw, im pretending they are fine and perfectly laid out in rows!

    Great shirt
    Rianna xxxxx

  16. i love all the shirts featured in this post!

    Helen, X

  17. love the miu miu photo. x

    p.s. I'm having a giveaway on my blog for a pretty ring from bobbins & bits if you'd like to check it out. :) x

  18. I hate how necklaces tangle so easily! Every time I move they end up in a great mass and I have to spend hours picking them apart.

  19. oh i love love your shirt the print is so pretty!! and i can never understand how necklaces get so bloody tangled. i have a wall hanger thing and they still get all messed up!!

  20. hate it when that happens too! i usually forego wearing a certain accessory cause its tangled in a big messy pile!


  21. I love your blouse, and my necklaces do exactly the same, it drives me crazy! Its always kinda therapeutic to detangle them and sort them out, i might do mine soon haha! :)
    I love the images you've posted, lovelyy! :D

  22. My necklaces used to do that, but I got a nice little hanger for them and the problem is no more :) Lovely photos, and I love your new header!

    xx and hugs


  23. thank-you for the wonderful comment my lovely,
    i love your shirt!
    and i love the images you've collected they are so gorgeous! xxx

  24. Well, hopefully that collegue means what she said! Hope things will get better. Oh god, I have the palest skin and as soon as I go somewhere warm it ends up in a sunburn rather than a tan :( Oh well. Lovely shirt!! SO cute! http://thearcenciel.blogspot.com/

  25. Love all the photos- such great inspiration. Thanks for lovely comment! Hope you visit back :)

  26. Love your blouse and well done on freeing all your neckli ;) xxx

  27. I really like those photos!! :)



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