Saturday, 2 April 2011

So I'll meet you at the cemetery gates




Pleather jacket, top and wedges//Primark, Skirt//vintage, Bag//H n M, Necklace//Asos

Today D and I dragged our slightly hungover selves to Highgate Cemetery, home to Karl Marx amongst other distinguished and less distinguished people. It was nice to wander round and take in all the old graves with sculptures, though having to pay seems a little odd, as it's still a "working" cemetery.
Thursday I did indeed make it to Primark and spent far too much money- there were so many gems! (hence mainly Primark outfit). D was doing his best impression of a racist here, clomping around in his DMs and wearing Ben Sherman and Fred Perry (he actually "dressed up" as a skinhead for Halloween last year).

My mum emailed me earlier in the week to tell me she'd actually be back from France tomorrow, not Tuesday! Which is nice as I get to spend Mothers Day with her :) I've bought her some flowers, and have seriously never seen so many people walking around carrying bunches of flowers.

Had a little shock earlier- caught a mouse scurrying behind the washing machine in the kitchen! I should really get Bwackums on the case..


  1. I love Highgate, such a beautiful old cemetary. I went for the first time about this time last year, glad you had nice weather for it x

  2. omg. that is a beautiful cemetery. i LOVE old ones like this.
    the first picture is my favorite.
    glad to hear your will be with your mom on mothers day! <3
    have a wonderful rest of the weekend.

  3. Wow! What a beautiful cemetery. So lovely :)

    K xx

  4. Ive got my eye on those wedges, still not sure what colour to get though!
    I love random days out!

  5. these photos are incredibly gorgeous xo

  6. thankyou for your lovely comments! these pics are gorgeous! agh i didnt get a chance to go to highgate last time i was in the area, so sad. Hopefully ill get the change to go there soon tho, its always looked so beautiful. xo

  7. So beautiful!
    I love your outfit!


  8. This is my favourite of yours ever - the sandals are so cute, and I love the blouse/skirt combo!
    Gorgeous pictures too,

    Rosie x

  9. looove the flower headband from your previous post! :) and just a genius idea; taking pictures at a cemetery

  10. I LOVE your outfit, and I LOVE those photographs. Just beautiful dearest!!!

    xx and hugs


  11. Looks like a really lovely day! Haha, D looks so funny there. But still cute. By the way, I love the blog header. I would say its new but I can't remember? So cute, even so.

  12. Thank-you for the comment.. firstly
    GIVE ME YOUR SKIRT.. It's so nice and I've been looking everywhere for a decent black skirt. I will be on that in Primark like a wet flannel.. Hehe you were right about your comment too xx

  13. Such a great outfit, it's girly but has an edge to it! I love! Can't believe the shoes are from Primark!! xxx

  14. I love the eariness to cemetery photos and your outfit's fab too - the skirt and top are gorgeous! x

  15. Aww! This is stunning! It makes me want to go frollick in a cemetery now:) Hehe! Your outfit is beautiful, too. I love your skirt!

  16. Gorgeous outfit, definately looks like that Primark adventure was successful, can't wait to see what else you got! I am the biggest wuss when it comes to cemetaries, and it doesn't help because the ones where I live happen to be very haunted and even I've had a scary unexplainable expierience there...

    the line "D was doing his best impression of a racist here, clomping around in his DM's.." had me LOL hard, don't know why but I just found it so funny :P
    Hope you're having a good week :)

  17. These photos are so amazing and you look absolutely gorgeous! Glad you could spend Mother's Day with your Mum :) xxx

  18. This is a cute outfit. Really like the skirt. That is a little werid to pay to go to a cemetary. It would be neat to wander though it though. :) It's beautiful.

  19. Oh wow, what an amazing grave to visit. You look lovely! xx

  20. Ooh, I should definitely go there and visit Karl Marx! He's a bit of a family favourite. Oh, and your shoes are awwwesome. : )

  21. Beautiful skirt! So strange that you have to pay to walk through a cemetery! I loooooooove those much.


  22. gorgeous outfit! love your skirt :)


  23. My goodness....what an enchanting little cemetery. I just love your skirt...absolute perfection. Beautiful photos as always:)

  24. LOVE the song reference ;)

    Highgate is beautiful, love the whole area but never actually visited the cemetery! Must take a look next time I'm about. Also, you look lovely! x

  25. me toO! i am loving vibrant bags at the moment, i really feel like getting a bright green one too <3

  26. so pretty :) I think that Highgate cemetery is where the book Her Fearful Symmetry was set, and I have been wanting to go!

  27. The title of this post attracted me, love a bit of the smiths :)
    Great outfit!


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