Saturday, 16 April 2011

Street art of London




Thanks for everyone's sweet comments on my last post. My mum went for an ultrasound on Wednesday and is having a needle biopsy on Monday, so at least things are moving quickly (sometimes unusual with the NHS!). It's just the not knowing that is hardest on her (and me), but she's surrounded by friends, many of whom have gone through the same thing which is comforting at least..As Kirsty said, the best thing is really to be rational I guess, even though I'm by nature slightly pessimistic, but there's no point going overboard just yet, until the diagnosis.

I'm not sure if these photos are working- a small sample of the ones I took during the street art tour of the East End last Saturday when the weather was glorious. Even though I know the streets around Old Street and Brick Lane it was nice getting the background and history to some of the art.

Today I should be picnicking in Richmond (weather permitting) and Sunday going to the Tate Britain with my mum for the Watercolour exhibition, happy times.

Taken by my mum last weekend


  1. You should pop down/across to Bristol to check out some great graffiti. Good luck to your mum.

  2. lovely collection of photos

  3. I just read this and your previous post, I wish you and your mum all the best.

    The graffiti is amazing! Where I live there isn't much of it, rather there are just horrible tags here and there.

    I hope you had fun on the picnic and watercolour ehibition! I tried the other day to do some, but nothing was turning out right really. I'm on holidays now, though, so I have plenty of time to do some paintings.

    xx Carina

    P.S Thankyou for your kind words, its so lovely to know you enjoy reading my blog.:)

  4. I love how street art brightens up grey brick walls. No idea why it's prohibited in most areas. Love your sweet summery outfit too :)

  5. Great shots and I love the one of you - you look gorgeous :) xxx

  6. Hope you and your mum have a nice time today :)
    You look lovely in your picture too,

    Rosie x

  7. I'm glad things are moving swiftly with your mum and I hope things turn out okay! Sounds like a fun couple of days you have planned, and lovely pictures.

  8. We'll all keep our fingers crossed for your mom tomorrow. I can't even imagine what you're both going through! Beautiful pictures, though, to distract from everything I'm sure :)

  9. the art photos are amazing! i love street art so much, there's just something about it :)

    you look really sweet in your photo too, i wish you all the best for your mum, i have my fingers crossed for her xxx

  10. i just read your last post; i can't even imagine how scary that must be. i really hope that everything with your mom ends up going well, i'm sure it will. i know it'd be hard for me to look on the bright side, but try to stay positive!

  11. Beautiful photographs, I love the animal graffiti!

    Wishing you and your mum the best :) x

  12. I love the art photos they are amazing. When I went to New York they had some of the best ones there :)

    All the best for your mum X x x

  13. Glad to hear the NHS are moving uickly. Hope everything goes ok. Lovely picture, I love the east end so much.
    Thanks for the advise, I've still to tackle the dress. Yeah, I have the balck version, perfect for too short dresses. xxx

  14. Wow! Amazing :)

    Wishing you and your mum the best with everything.

    K xx

  15. Wishing you and your mom all the best hun!! Your plans sound SO lovely, hope you get to do you picnic... how fun. And you look adorable in that picture taken by your mom. A good week to you. xx veronika

  16. Love London and love your post! so cool! thanks for sharing! I'm following!

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  17. Heyyy :) Thanks for following, love the photos on this post!
    Holly x

  18. I'm glad things are moving speedily with your mum :) good luck to you both!
    I love these street art pictures - I'm obsessed with graffiti xx


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