Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Everything is Illuminated

outfit 001

outfit 004

outfit 003

outfit 001

Top: H & M// Dress: Pull & Bear// Shoes and Satchel: New Look

Just what I wore on Sunday. Our flat is slowly starting to take shape- we have a fridge now! But no cooker or washing machine until next Tuesday, alas. We picked up a sofa from the street (it's from Marks & Spencer and not too stained, honest). Tonight I hope to paint our stairs (floor boards) in white, and then we can finally move the cat in (I miss him lots, my mum is rather happy to have custody until the weekend..).

I'm sure I had more to say. Oh yes, I did in fact hand in my notice at work on Friday, and felt freer for doing so. Hopefully I can do some writing for a friend's website to make sure my CV doesn't have a gap, and one of my colleague's who's also leaving said I could be her PA as she'll be working in the commodities market- selling gold, diamonds etc. and will need someone to help her. Obviously the opposite to what I want to be doing really, but could help me out if I find nothing else.

The lovely Penny left me the Sunshine Award.

The Sunshine Award is awarded to bloggers whose positivity and creativity inspire others in the blogging world. The Sunshine Award is given by bloggers to bloggers as a way to spread the bloggy love.

-Favourite colour: Blue
-Favourite animal: Cats, obviously.
-Favourite number: Not sure really, maybe 3 and 7?
-What perfume am I using right now? Flora by Gucci :)
Something you always wear with you and identifies you: A single pearl necklace, rings, hmm.
-Getting or giving presents? I love giving presents when you find something so perfect for someone, and the look on their face when they open it. I like getting presents too of course :p
-What was the last eyeshadow you used? I'm wearing brown eyeshadow today.
-Favourite day of the week: Friday!
-Are your nails painted right now? Yup- nails a very light blue colour and toes red.

Well that was illuminating wasn't it?


  1. YEAHHHH!!!! I am so happy to read that you handed in your notice, I really hope you feel better about things and I'm sure something will come up for you in no time. Sounds like you have some good back ups already!
    Sounds like the new house is coming along nicley too, I like the sound of white painted floorboards.
    Thanks for the packing advise. xxxx

  2. That's completely exciting to be finishing up your flat and to be moving on from your job. I'm very happy for you. What a good feeling. Since I am moving, I handed in my job resignation last week and couldn't be happier as well. I am loving your whole outfit from head to toe:) That top is so pretty.

  3. oh wow, go you for handing in your notice! :) I love how freer you feel! :)

    I also love your top, too! :)
    Julia @ Retro Jules

  4. Wow congratulations on handing in your notice - you're so brave and it must be so exciting! I'm glad your flat is taking shape too and your little cat can move back in! xx

  5. Such a beautiful top hun. :)

    Oh & I love finding perfect presents for people, even if they cost about a pound, seeing their face light up is an awesome feeling. Congrats on your award. :) xx

  6. I am so happy for you! Leaving must feel so good! I can't wait to see more photos of your new flat.


  7. I'm glad you're happier now :)
    And that top is fab by the way,

    Rosie x

  8. This is so great, congratulations on getting a fridge :)

    xo Katie

  9. wow, such a big step!good luck with everything at work dear- a new flat is the base of happiness anyway! :)
    ps)thanx for mentioning me!

  10. happy for you for turning in your notice.
    hope you are much happier!! :)
    you look beautiful..love the peeptoes of your shoes.

  11. handing in your notice for a job you don't like feels fantastic! good for you.

    also i loveeee your shoes x

  12. wow congrats for the award! :) I love your top, and really curious to see how this dress look too.

  13. Well done on handing in your notice - SUCH a horrible thing to do but such a relief once it's over and done with. Glad to hear the moving in is going smoothly; I'm a tiny bit jealous - I want somewhere new! x

  14. Congratulations on handing in your notice, it's hard to do at first because it's a huge leap, but it's good to be free of something that is making you miserable, and you seem to have some work lined up so you wont be completely stuck :-).

    Glad moving in seems to be going a bit better too, it sounds exciting and soon your cat can be there too! I'm thinking of getting a cat or two actually, but I don't know how to go about getting one, guess a trip to the rescue centre is in order :o).

    Oh and by the way, your shoes are beautiful as is your outfit, I really like your top!


  15. Congratulations dude. It hard giving your notice in. I did this in January of this year myself. It was very hard, but I did it.

    I want your top....it is beautiful...how much was it?

    I only came across your blog today and it is beautiful. I look forward to your next post.

  16. omg i absolutely love that top!

  17. Ah I'm really pleased you've made the decision. I hope I didn't sound negative in what I was saying last time - I just hate the thought of you being stuck with no new job. Sounds like you've done really well to get some things lined up already though so I shan't worry!

    Excellent work on the sofa find by the way! If the covers aren't removable then just chuck some cheapo plain throws over it.

  18. Love this outfit, you look fab :).

    Sadie x


  19. Your blog is rather amazing and whimsical. I adore your writing style too, it's so easy to read!
    This outfit is too cute, I loved how you layered that top over the dress -- it works perfectly!
    Your apartment sounds like it will be ah-mazing. Good luck!
    I'm your newest follower, would you follow me?
    xx, Maria

  20. Many things! Congratulations on leaving, congratulations on your new sofa (I love street furniture), your top is lovely, exciting new starts! x

  21. Love your blog!

    Follow me if you like my blog and I'll follow you back. :)


  22. love your blog
    follow you now maybe you could follow me back :)
    xx N

  23. I'm so very glad for your new found freedom, I knew you had the bravery in you and it will lead you on magnificent adventures and through doors you could never have imagined.

    xx and hugs


  24. congrats and good luck with everything love.

    This is such a cute outfit :)

  25. I really love that bag - I need a new one!

  26. gorgeous outfit, i love the colour combination. x

  27. Very illuminating! Oh, and how awesome is that t-shirt? In other news, glad to hear you handed in your notice and feel better; hope something excellent comes up for you soon!

  28. Oh congrats! It must feel so exhilarating to have taken such a huge step and start out new...good luck with everything :) (not that you need it, it sounds like things are going to go well for you)

    and I spent quite a while daydreaming about white floorboards, it really sounds lovely!


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  30. Good luck with your new opportunities!

  31. Heya! Thankyou for follwing my blog, I came to snoop about blog a little and it is blimmin' lovely!!! Definitely following you back and that top of yours is gorgeous!

    bun bun xxx


  32. Love those shoes! Glad you handed in your notice, I'm sure something better will come up :) And congrats on the blog award!


  33. You are so pretty! I love your dress! I'm glad your apt is coming together!


  34. i love this top! the bag's pretty great too :)


  35. SOOO LOVELY! Please check out my blog when you get a chance!


    a fashion lawyer by day, fashion police by night...I play at red carpet events, shop all over town, and live life in the fab lane in LA!

  36. Thanks for the comment on Well La-Dee-Da :)

    You have a new follower, lovely blog! xx

  37. Love love love this look.
    The tshirt is mysterious with all the different colours dancing around in a lovely way <3


thank you, I love reading your pretty words <3