Monday, 19 November 2012

An Autumn Palette

Introducing my third guest blogger, the lovely Sally from The Cafe Cat . I have only recently discovered her blog, but the mixture of beautiful writing, photos of the various cats in her life and of course details of her exploits in Barcelona mean she is now a firm favourite..

An Autumn Palette: Why Nature is the Ultimate Fashion Accessory

I don't profess to being the most fashionable person in the world. In fact, as of late, most of my clothes have come either from the 1€ clothes mountain at Encants Flea Market in Barcelona (my former home), the boot fairs of England or the charity shops that I root around in like a frantic truffle pig, scouting out the goods. It turns out that jacking in your full-time job to concentrate on what you really want from life means compromising your style and counting the pennies. It also turns out that moving away from my little life in Barcelona meant I had to sell and giveaway so many of my things so that I could fly back with just one suitcase. However, this isn't a sob story about how I upped and left one of the most amazing cities in the world and came to live in the sticks of Kent, but about how very much in love I have fallen in love with England all over again and the inspiration I have found in its beautiful landscape and the orchards and forests that surround my new home.

When I went out on the hunt for some new threads, I bore in mind the incredible colours of the autumn season. I looked around me at the apple trees, at the October skies and all the wonderful things that are bestowed on this time of year. How lucky we are to live in such a pretty country!

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The first thing I noticed when I clambered off the plane back in September was how very low the sky was. In Barcelona at this time of year there aren't many clouds to be seen, only limitless, rocketing blue. In England, the sky is like a thick, soft blanket with layers of dusky pinks, tufts of white laced with a smoky grey that hangs over your head, punctuated with the glowing harvest moon. When I found these two cardigans in charity shops, so woolly and carefully knitted, there was no need to deliberate. They were mine.

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One of the best things about my new location is the fact that I am surrounded by orchards. The sweet smell of rotting apples fills the air and the ground is peppered with rosy reds, browns and pinks. I chose my scarf and my hairband to reflect these splashes of rouge. I think they go quite nicely with my cheeks, which are always a little flushed at this cold time of year and part of the reason that my middle name is Rosetta.

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In the orchard, there are lots of pears and apples but suddenly overnight these yellow berries cropped up and filled the horizon with their humble glow. And how nicely it complements the russet reds and browns of autumn. A perfect addition to the season's palette.

The cool air with wafts of woodsmoke, whipping up homemade toffee and warming mulled wine to sip around the bonfire and the change of the leaves as they turn from their full green bloom to withered remains for me is the ultimate inspiration. Whether it's the height of fashion or not, my English identity is something that I wear with pride.


  1. Oooh I love this idea, taking inspiration from the season around you is lovely and so refreshing :) xxx

  2. Thanks ladies! Exactly why I have just dyed my hair white for the winter... :) xxx

  3. Your vibrant description of the nature around you is simply perfection. I'm also envy the fact that you live near orchards. It must smell so great. :D

  4. Great post, I love the pictures!:D

    Stacey xx


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