Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy 2013 !

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Coat: c/o Motel// Breton top: H&M//Peach jeans: Topshop//Flats: c/o Le Bunny Bleu//Lace scarf: French market//Bag: Topshop

Looking at these photos I realise that my mum was right- I sort of look like Ruth Goodman, from Wartime Farm .. hmm.

Hope everyone had a lovely NYE. D and I stayed in for the first time ever, which made a nice change. No hangover on New Year's Day either. Sadly I also discovered I had head lice (yep, totally gross I know and maybe a bit of an overshare). I have no idea who gave them to me but have spent the last 48 hours combing and re-combing my hair with a fine tooth comb. I've never had such clean and tangle free hair.

Back to work tomorrow, back to the grind..


  1. oh no! i've never had head lice but the thought freaks me out. you must have lovely hair - they don't like living in scummy hair hah x

  2. I like this photos and nails. Awesome! Cool.!

  3. Happy New Year! You look awesome :) Ahh no, headlice! My mum has her hair short as she works in a primary school, to avoid their nits! x

  4. Aw no! I hope the lice is all gone! I love your outfit, you look gorgeous. Happy New Year!

  5. I had to google Ruth Goodman to see and haha no you don't! I see where the idea came from with the hair perhaps but you are like a gazillion times more attractive and about 100 years younger, Mums are lovely aren't they? Mine tells me I need to wear more makeup (day to day) hmm ok thanks Mum, love you too!

    Oh no head lice are the worst, have you been around any young kids over Christmas? That is where they come from, lovely little present for you there then, lol.

    Happy New Year lovely

    Janine xx

  6. Eeesh, you poor thing with the lice! I remember having a really bad case as a kid, they're horrible!

    I love love loveeee your shoes, and happy new year! xo

  7. O don't remind me it's back to work tomorrow! Hope you still had a good night, we went out but regretting it today. Happy new year xxx

  8. Oh no! Lice is the worst, that realllly sucks!
    I love this outfit, the pants are such a lovely shade and look so great with the striped top

  9. ahh i love your coat, sounds like you had the perfect nye! and what a way to start the new year with some unwanted friends on your head haha ox

  10. I stayed in as well - it was lovely and cosy and I don't regret it for a second. I love the coat - especially the fur collar!

  11. Adore this outfit! And bad times to the nitty noras! Hope they vanish quickly! I had a quiet NYE too.

  12. Happy New Year!! You look so glamorous here. I have a similar coat and love it, I also had a quiet (but lovely) NYE. Sorry to hear about the HL, it's the worst thing ever!!

    The Style Rawr!

  13. your hair is delicious in these! xo

  14. My little sister had hair lice before and was easily rid of using the anti lice packets at the drug store. Hope you get rid of them soon!

  15. Loving the peach skinnies and fab fur trimmed jacket!
    Happy New Year :)

    Trendy Teal

  16. You look gorgeous. I got that as a child from my older sister who got it from a friend when she was at her house. Not nice, but I'm glad you got it all out and hopefully you never have to do that again as I know they are a pain to go through all your hair, especially long hair!! Love the scarf, so pretty. Happy New Year Doll xx

  17. Hi. Just stopping by to say thanks for following my blog, however I have moved to a new url and am going to start deleting this one over the next couple of months. Feel free to stop by the New Blog at The Anchored Ivy.
    Thanks, and Happy New Year

  18. Happy new year! Love your hair here, hope the nits are gone soon!

    Maria xxx

  19. OH NO NITS! That's rubbish, a bit of a throwback to being 6 or 7 isn't it? What nasty buggers, hope they're gone now.

    Happy new year mrs! I hope 2013 is fab for you - kicking off in those delicious peach trews I know they will be sartorially! ;) <3

  20. Jolie tenue et j'adore ta coiffure !

    Bonne année :)

  21. Happy New Year lovely!
    I have good feelings about 2013, my head is held high and am full of spirits.
    Oh no, head lice?! Near little ones?

    I wondered if you could tell me... How do you get your sidebar adverts to be so close together? I have big white gaps between mine. I'd be super grateful! <3

    Also, thank you so much for all your lovely comments lately.. you have cheered me up every time. Huge hugs

  22. Happy new year babe :D

    Ah I remember having them in school, nasty things.

    Love the return of the peach skinnies! xx

  23. HAPPY NEW YEAR RACHEL. Staying in is normally how I do things, the cool way. Bad times about the nits, what horrible memories you're bringing back of my mum slowly combing my whole head. Bleugh. I hope they eff off as soon as possible xxx

  24. happy new year! :D
    love your hair, it looks so cool ^_^
    cute outfit too!
    Rosie xo
    A Pocketful of Rosie

  25. Happy New Year! I stayed in as well; I'm not a big partier, and I was actually in bed before midnight! Kinda lame, I know, but I'd just gotten over a bout of the flu, so I have an excuse. ;)

    I just bought a pair of blush-colored jeans at Anthropologie, and I may pair them with a simple striped top as you've done here.


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