Wednesday, 6 February 2013

The Nordic Bakery- Tea and Cake London

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The Nordic Bakery

This little gem of a book was a birthday gift from BFF Tach last year. It's perfect for a day when you don't have much planned so rather than grabbing a tea or coffee on the go (which inevitably ends up being a Starbucks or Costa's) you can make going to a bakery/tea shop/tea room the actual day's excursion. There's all sorts here- everyday cafes, grand affairs, tea with a twist, vegan treats and more besides.

One of my favourites is Foxcroft and Ginger on Berwick Street- it does lovely Earl Grey and amazing sandwiches. Also High tea of Highgate (in Highgate obvs) which has cow shaped milk jugs. Amazing (see above). However for once D and I fancied somewhere a little less chintzy-mismatched crockery and doily-ish (Yes I know such a blogger faux pas), so the obvious answer was The Nordic Bakery- you can't get more Spartan than Scandinavian! The Bakery is down a little street near Marylebone High Street, no floral tea cups here, but heavenly hot chocolate and cinnamon rolls. I also quite liked that there was no background music- just the gentle hubbub of half a dozen conversations, and people expressing their disappointment that they'd missed out on the last cinnamon roll of the day.


  1. That looks like my sort of book, turning cake into a full blown excursion definitely suits me!
    Kaz x

  2. What a gorgeous gift! I'd love that book! It's so very lovely! (Just like your blog!) :) X

  3. The book looks so lovely! Such a lovely present. Oooo I do love a cinnamon roll :-)

  4. oo superbe - i ll make a note of the place ;) always looking for nice new places to go! i suppose you ve been..but just in case, a very very nice place but also super busy is scooterscafe!

  5. I was just talking last weekend about finding the more independent bakeries and cafes! I've never been to Foxcroft and Ginger, so I'll make it top of my list xx

  6. Lovely photos, this looks like an amazing place (:


  7. That book looks like my kind of thing! I love hunting out little independent cafes and bakeries. Cinnamon rolls are one of my absolute favourites.


  8. I definitely need to pick this book up!

  9. Awwwh this book looks adorable babe :D xx

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    1. I am also a new follower on GFC - be great to follow each other :) xx

  11. This looks like such an enchanting book :)


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  14. Le livre a l'air super sympa ! :)

  15. Have been so tempted by this book so that I know where to hit up each time I visit London! :-)

    I must admit - even though I'm utterly devoted to vintage teacups and linens, occasionally I do fancy straight up contemporary when it comes to coffee/eating out! Anywhere that makes cinnamon rolls good enough to be a topic of conversation sounds like a winner to me!

    Jem xXx

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  17. Delightful! My kind of places :D Lovely pics xxx

  18. What a sweet book! I love a cup of Earl Grey! Oh and cinnamon rolls never go a miss xx

  19. There are just SO many places for tea and cake in London it's silly, so the idea of a guide is pretty awesome. I want to get my hands on a copy too!

  20. That looks like an amazing book. The photographs are awesome. X

  21. adorable photos! I am really hoping to throw a tea party for someone!

  22. Holy moly! That looks & sounds like such a charming bakery. How badly I would love to come with you :-). The only cute & delicious bakery & tea house they had in our town sadly closed :-(. Perhaps I need to move to the UK to get my fix.

  23. These photos are lovely, that bakery looks so inviting! xx

  24. Sounds and looks like a fabulous book :) if I only I lived a little closer to London! Though there are plenty of gorgeous, chintzy tearooms around here too. The Nordic Bakery looks fab too, in an entirely different way! Can't beat a good hot chocolate xx

  25. Your blog is so cute!
    Love this post. So lovely.

  26. Such a beautiful post! Love your new blog header. xo Isabella

  27. great pictures!

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  28. Such a lovely post, I like these pictures so much! :)

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  29. Ah this looks really nice, I prefer quiet coffee shops over manic ones!

    The Style Rawr!

  30. I have this book! It's really good :) would recommend Mo'Cafe! xx


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