Wednesday, 27 November 2013

The Party Dress Test

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Dress, Shoes and Earrings: Asos c/o Voucher Codes

So I think a lot of us have been guilty of buying a new frock for Christmas party season, and then only wearing it once. Off the top of my head I can think of two dresses I own that have been worn once only, on NYE.. A recent study by Voucher Codes revealed that 18-24 year olds (not that I'm part of that category, sob) spend an average of £119 on their Christmas party outfit, and only go to a few parties, so their outfit doesn't get many outings. So I was given a budget of £80 and challenged to come up with three outfits featuring a party dress, styled three ways.

The first look is a walk over Hampstead Heath- with a jumper over the top the dress is more of a skirt, and sure it was a bit snazzier than what most people were wearing, but I think it works. The second outfit is the party look- peep toe heels and earrings to dress it all up a bit- I'll be wearing this for our work do I think. Finally, a more casual daytime office look- flats and a shirt to dress the look down. Simples.


  1. I literally just bought a dress to wear on Christmas day like I do every year but it never gets worn again because I buy something too dressy for other occasions, I need to plan these things better, it was only £20 in Tesco though BARGAIN! :) Love that dress but he way! x

  2. Love all of these looks but the first one is my favourite x

  3. love that dress, got a very similar not very long ago and I've been wearing it do death! :) xx
    Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay

  4. I'm guilty of only wearing items once too but this year I've tried to give them a new lease of life again! Some are just too dressy to figure out where to wear them too though ha! I love these looks especially the first, stunning winter look xx

  5. I really like that dress, I think it helps being a sensible sort of shape, sleees, not too short or too low that you could wear it other places too. At the moment I've got lots of fancy dresses that I've worn to friend's weddings, I'm trying to get the best use from them so this is helpful

  6. huhu, this dress is amazing! that's both: lovely, fashionable and elegant :)
    love it!

  7. The dress is beautiful! Such a lovely colour

  8. Stunning dress and I like all the ways you wore it as well..marvellous xx

    The Dainty Dolls House

  9. Trust me Rachel, you aren't the only one with a Christmas dress buying problem. EVERY year I buy a red dress just for the occasion and end up never wearing it again. I'm not sure why, I just don't. And I also have a confession to make... sometimes I only buy things so I can feature them on my blog which is quite sad haha!! Nevertheless, you look lovely and that dress is the perfect festive addition to any wardrobe!
    xo Maria

  10. fabulous dress! it looks so good in you! :D


  11. I love your dress! So nice!
    - Charlotte

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